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About Us

Addressing our country’s mental and behavioral health crisis means supporting the behavioral health professionals who are critical to the health and well-being of our communities. But with growing caseloads, turnover, stagnant pay, unsafe working conditions, and poor outcomes for our clients, one thing is clear: the behavioral health industry isn’t going to change unless care providers fight for better care.

United We Heal is a community of therapists, case managers, peers, support staff and allies, all motivated by a shared mission to help our clients heal. Behavioral health professionals are critical to communities all over America. That is why we hope to raise industry standards everywhere. We’re coming together as a movement so we can improve our working conditions and provide the best possible care for our clients. 

A strong and equitable community behavioral health system can empower people to recover, heal and thrive. We aspire to a system that puts healing first as we work towards concrete solutions that will allow behavioral health professionals to deliver the quality care that clients and their families deserve.